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Founded in 2015, ROTEX is a leading global platform-level flexible electronic product solutions technology company. Rotex's self-developed electronic tattoo/skin can be widely used in human-computer interaction, medical health, consumer electronics and industrial fields;The company has top-notch core research and development capabilities, full independent intellectual property rights, and a number of patents; it has an independent production line and a mature delivery fulfillment team.

Rotex's technical team brings together experts from sensors, biomaterials, computers, mechanics, communications, etc., and establishes R&D centers with a number of top universities. It has strong cross-disciplinary solution research and development, design and production capabilities, and can be used for customers. Provide end-to-end complete solutions and related products.

So far, the company has successfully reached commercial cooperation with various well-known manufacturers around the world to develop product development and application solutions in various fields.

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