Polymer material r&d engineer

Job Description:

1. Research and develop the application of polymer materials in biosensors of flexible electronic devices;

2. Establish evaluation and testing methods for new products developed; Carry out accurate test on the performance of related products;

3. Responsible for the analysis and statistics of test data, and provide the required report;

4. Collect and sort out relevant scientific research literature, relevant industry standards and industry information;

5. Assist patent department to apply for patent;

6. Assess the feasibility of the product with the product manager; Promote cross-department coordination and communication, assist other projects in technical problems and product development.

Job requirements:

1. Doctoral degree in organic chemistry or polymer chemistry related field; Professional experience is a partial substitute for education.

2. Familiar with the preparation and identification of polymer materials;

3. Have relevant research experience on the surface mechanical properties, friction properties, micromachining and molding methods and processes of polymer materials;

4. Familiar with material performance testing specifications and standards, carried out various material testing experiments and wrote analysis reports;

5. Strong logicality, data sensitivity, strong literature retrieval and collection ability;

6. Strong practical ability, able to set up and manage r&d team by myself, strong communication, leadership and teamwork skills;

Strong written and oral communication skills;

Have a certain level of computer operation and professional English. Overseas study experience is preferred.